Gaudí Research Institute

The Gaudí Research Institute (TGRI) brings together leading researchers and experts on the life and work of architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet.

Drawing on their extensive knowledge and expertise, these members work closely with universities and institutions worldwide to organise major events on this outstanding genius.

The Gaudí Research Institute’s work ranges from studying and analysing original documents and work by Gaudí to promoting his revolutionary way of working, which remains just as valid in the 21st century, and forging new paths for companies through culture.

One of The Gaudí Research Institute’s outstanding achievements has been to reveal and document the way in which Gaudí gave free rein to his incredible creativity through his groundbreaking ways of working and management, above and beyond his building methods. As a result, we can now explore and apply new formulas to the business world, including key concepts such as R&D&I, coworking, codesign, ecology and 3D design. Gaudí’s innovative concept of design firmly rooted in solutions found in nature is now appreciated all over the world for its farsightedness and common sense.

Research, advanced academic education and seeking, promoting and developing major applications in multidisciplinary fields are the goals of The Gaudí Research Institute today.