Travelling exhibitions

Following the recent acquisition of thousands of previously unknown documents, objects and works, The Gaudí Research Institute now possesses the largest collection on Gaudí’s life and work. It draws on these extensive resources to create and organise unique travelling exhibitions with the added value of previously unseen original work by Gaudí.
This wide-ranging nature of this heritage makes it easy to personalise these exhibitions by topic or subject area or geographical area worldwide.
Gaudí’s works are a stroke of genius that broke through the existing formal limits of architecture and made forays into modern ways of thinking. Learned and popular tradition, from Classical Greek to Gothic, inspiration from pre-Islamic, Islamic and Orientalising traditions, the incorporation of new inventions and technologies, a huge capacity to innovate, create and look forward are the hallmarks of his contribution to the avant-garde in the arts as a whole.
Gaudí’s innovative way of working included what we now know as coworking and just-in-time, as well as the use of local building materials, recycling and green techniques based on heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and the optimised use of key resources such as water.
These exhibitions reveal an unknown Gaudí, a creator of new shapes and structures both artistic and scientific in nature, bursting with endless creativity, rooted in highly practical, rational solutions—all universal, timeless qualities that make these exhibitions applicable anywhere on the planet.